The Digital Health Specialist is a professional responsible for the technical, planning, coordination, monitoring, implementation, and reporting of programs and projects deliverables of the project. S/He will work closely with Program/project Managers, and Team Leads to ensure the effective delivery of the projects.


<ul> <li>Provide system support by ensuring all computer systems, hardware, and software applications used by the institute are functional and up to date.</li> <li>Managing the network infrastructure and troubleshooting network connectivity issues to ensure seamless communication and data transfer.</li> <li>Providing technical support and assistance and guidance to staff and users on how to use various digital health tools and systems effectively.</li> <li>Addressing user queries, troubleshooting issues, and resolving technical problems promptly to minimize downtime.</li> <li>Data Security and Privacy by Implementing and enforcing security measures to protect sensitive patient data and institute information.</li> <li>Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for data security and privacy.</li> <li>Ensures system integration and testing by collaborating with developers and IT teams to integrate new systems or upgrades into existing infrastructure.</li> <li>Conducting testing and quality assurance to ensure new systems or updates meet functional requirements and user needs.</li> <li>Training and Documentation by developing training materials and manuals and conducting training sessions for staff on the use of new technologies or software.</li> <li>Creating and maintaining technical documentation, manuals, and guides to assist users and IT staff.</li> <li>Monitoring and Reporting system performance and identifying areas for improvement or optimization.</li> <li>Generating reports on technical issues, system uptime, and user feedback to inform decision-making and planning.</li> <li>Being available for emergency response situations, such as system failures or cyber security incidents, and implementing recovery procedures.</li> <li>Continuous Learning and Development by keeping up to date with advancements in healthcare technology and digital tools relevant to the institute&#39;s operations.</li> <li>Participating in professional development opportunities to enhance technical skills and knowledge.</li> <li>Supervise administrative staff and ensure smooth day-to-day office operations, as appropriate.</li> <li>Perform any duties as assigned by the supervisors</li> </ul>

Qualifications & Skills:

<ul> <li>Bachelor&#39;s degree in engineering/science related field, with at least four years minimum active relevant working experience post NYSC. A master&rsquo;s degree will be an added advantage.</li> <li>Experience in project management, program coordination, or a related field</li> <li>Strong organizational and planning skills</li> <li>Excellent communication and interpersonal skills</li> <li>Ability to work independently and as part of a team</li> <li>Software design or development</li> <li>Health informatics and coding</li> <li>Systems and Information engineering capability</li> <li>Proficiency in project management software and Microsoft Office</li> </ul>


Contracting & Accountability:

Reports to Project Lead


According to agreement


Deadline for submission of application for this position is Wed Jul 17 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time). Any application sent in after the set deadline will be disqualified.

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