reporting HIV/AIDS program performance to all relevant stakeholders and disseminating information concerning the country’s progress towards epidemic control. Comprehensive facilities currently utilize an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to manage patient information efficiently. As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services, we aim to integrate a dedicated HIV module into existing EMR platform. Additionally, we seek to establish Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to facilitate seamless data exchange between these EMR system and external platforms such as in-country HIV EMR systems and the National Data Repository (NDR).


<p>The scope of work includes but is not limited to:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Analysis of existing EMR system architecture and workflow to identify integration points for the HIV module.</li> <li>Design and development of the HIV module within the EMR system, encompassing features such as patient records, treatment, laboratory results, and medication management specific to HIV care.</li> <li>Implementation of secure APIs to facilitate data exchange between the hospital&#39;s EMR system and external platforms, adhering to industry-standard security protocols.</li> <li>Testing and validation of the integrated HIV module and APIs to ensure functionality, interoperability, and data accuracy.</li> <li>Documentation of the integration process, including technical specifications, user manuals, and training materials.</li> <li>Post-implementation support and maintenance services to address any issues or enhancements required after deployment.</li> </ul>

Qualifications & Skills:

<p>Interested consultants should possess the following qualifications and expertise:</p> <ul> <li>Proven experience in healthcare IT consulting, with a focus on EMR system integration and development.</li> <li>Demonstrated knowledge of HIV care protocols and requirements for EMR system customization in a healthcare setting.</li> <li>Expertise in API development and integration, particularly within the context of healthcare information systems.</li> <li>Familiarity with relevant healthcare data standards such as HL7 (Health Level Seven) and FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).</li> <li>Strong understanding of security and privacy considerations in healthcare data exchange, including HIPAA compliance.</li> <li>Track record of successful projects involving integration with OpenMRS or similar open-source medical record systems.</li> <li>Availability to collaborate closely with the HI team and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.</li> <li>Excellent communication skills and the ability to provide clear documentation and training materials.</li> </ul>



Contracting & Accountability:



Based on experience with an expectation that the development will be completed in 20 days.


Deadline for submission of application for this position is Fri Apr 21 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time). Any application sent in after the set deadline will be disqualified.