The Central Finance Specialist position is responsible for safeguarding the assets (financial and physical) of Global Fund against fraud, loss or misuse. S/he is responsible for ensuring that any money expended in the field is done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, NASCP policy, and any cost principles imposed by the donor agency.


<p>Understand and articulate the basic tenets of Internal Control and Generally accepted Accounting Principles to other staff members.&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Develop tools to use to train PR and SR staff in proper financial record keeping procedures and procurement integrity.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Lead the process of ongoing improvement of financial systems and internal controls at PR and SR levels.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Create journal entries, assuring all entries are properly coded, charged to the proper account codes and jobs.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Supervise management of petty cash, assuring all purchases are properly documented, approved and comply with petty cash management policy.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Working in close collaboration with the Project Coordinator to prepare and monitor project budgets and pipeline expenditures.&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Reconcile bank accounts and prepare field expenses.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Interpret and approve standard financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement. Cash Flow).&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Interpret weekly and monthly specialized reports for the Project Coordinator and Country Directors</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Ensure that all paid invoices agree with supporting documentation, including price quotes, purchase orders and shipping receipts.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Ensure that all costs have adequate prior authorization and approval.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Ensure audit compliance utilizing principles of audit and performance.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Maintain current standing with all mandated tax and registrations, including submission of payments and required reports.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Prepare reports for Global Fund or other donor missions or agencies as required.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Train and supervise a proactive team of staff, providing support and advice as necessary</p>

Qualifications & Skills:

<p>Academic Qualification</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Advanced degree in Accounting, Banking and Finance or ICAN/ACCA/ANAN certification</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Experience</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;A minimum of seven (7) years&rsquo; experience in grant management of donor and similar funds and experience on Government Financial Regulations and multiple organisations</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Experience in Auditing and financial processes</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Skilled in computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and ability to operate Zoom, and data management systems.&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work well with diverse people.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Excellent English writing skills.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Ability to meet tight deadlines and to work effectively under pressure, including in a multi-cultural environment.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Experience in working with QBs and Navision accounting software and similar software is an added advantage.</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Previous experience in grant management of donor funds.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


<p>Bank reconciliation and financial reports</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Budget tracking/analysis</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Tax tracking</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Aging analysis (Risk assessment)</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Monthly FAR update and insurance of assets</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Timely funds request</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Timely payments to beneficiaries</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Adherence and compliance to donor guidelines and GON policies.&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Carry out other specific deliverables as required by the donor</p>

Contracting & Accountability:

Head Finance and Accounts


S/he will be paid competitively based on qualification and experience


Deadline for submission of application for this position is Sat Sep 23 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time). Any application sent in after the set deadline will be disqualified.